10 life lessons I learned from a group of 10 year olds .

1. Trust must be earned and reinforced before there is respect.

2. Love can be found in many places but the hardest part is when you have to leave that place to continue on your journey

3. Expectations must be clearly set, repeated, practiced and enforced but realized that a day fallen short is not a failure, just a time to revisit and remember those expectations

4. Challenge the people you care about and they will surprise you.

5. Love, support and care is more important that numbers and letters.

6. Look for ways to have fun and share your joy with others.

7. No student is perfect and never will be. You cannot expect them to be.

8. You’re not perfect but it is the growth from your imperfections that make you something special

9. Sometimes even the most prepared plans require flexibility. Nothing goes exactly to plan. It is how you adapt to it.

10. Remember to always find time to laugh. It is okay to have fun,


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