Accepting the idea of being uncomfortable

I rarely get very passionate about something I read online but today was a different story. Someone asked for the opinion of another teacher on twitter about an article. He wasn’t happy so I decided to see what it was. I didn’t get further than the first image on the article. It was bright orange with text about experts and their advice.

If expert advice makes you uncomfortable, you are doing it wrong.

I was instantly upset. I am a firm believer that if you are comfortable, you are doing it wrong. I recently wrote about comfort zones and how being uncomfortable means you are learning and growing.

I strongly believe that advice from someone you view as an expert should make you uncomfortable if it is expert advice. If it makes you feel that way, it means you are learning and being challenged to think about what it is that you are receiving this advice about.

Doug (yes, the weird teacher that is a teaching rockstar) mentioned that at the end, the author essentially tells people that they are better for reading his article. I remember a teacher once telling me that they never read the end of anything (besides student work) because that is where the author pats themselves on the back. I have found this to be true about many education articles, it made me realize that I probably do this as well.

The question I have is, how can we, as an educational community, inspire others to become more comfortable with the idea of making themselves uncomfortable?



2 thoughts on “Accepting the idea of being uncomfortable

  1. Dunno that I’d agree with expert or uncomfortable. Context and constraints matter. What’s an expert anyway? What’s the context the expert is working in? Are their constraints your constraints? My point is there is so much diversity from person to person, context to context, and constraints certainly, well, constrain what can be done.

    I think it’s better to be inspired by someone then trying to figure out how to apply it within your reality. The downside to listening to experts and doing as they do is at some point your originality and your authenticity suffer.

    Anyway, my two cents.

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