Building community

This week I really wanted to get back to focusing on the community in my classroom. At the beginning of the year, we were one large classroom with 2 teachers and no real division. The only times we were apart were during Phys Ed, Music and French. French was the only time that I had my own class with me. We tried to make the most of that time without neglecting French.

When we moved into the large room. There was more of a division but we were always with the other class, with the exception of some work times. Not the best time to stop our learning and focus on the community.

I had the chance to reread a blog post from my vice principal the other day, that really made me shift my mindset. Why am I so focused on assessment? I took a step back and realized that the best learning came from the times we came together as a group and explored but it is hard to come together when you are ten years old and don’t really know eachother.

This week we have done kindness activities to work on being Kind Every Time and that there is something positive in everyone. We had our first official class meeting. We also revisited our class expectations now that we working in a smaller group more often.

All of our expectations fell under:
1) Listening to each other
2) Being respectful and kind towards each other
3) Trying our best and taking risks

Each week we will be taking the time to focus on our community through class meetings and a positive activity to start our week each morning. Is it curricular? Maybe not but it will lead to bigger and better learning which is important.


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