Being Part of a Team

I am by nature a very quiet person. I keep to myself a lot. I don’t share a lot and it takes me a long time to fully open up to people. This makes being a team member a challenge for me in the sense of sharing and participating to the fullest extent.

I looked to my former teammates for some feedback to look back and reflect upon what it was like to be part of a team that had grown and worked together for a while:

I found you were always good at voicing concerns. And paying attention even if not being vocal. You’re confident in your actions, which is necessary in many situations, especially teaching. You grow from experiences rather than dwell on them. You are also self-aware.

One of my current team members gave me an amazing piece of advice about speaking up and at least expressing my agreement to something if I am okay with it. This brought my spirits right up. This was the feedback I have been missing from my life. I consistently was given feedback in my previous job. This feedback is also a good reminder to myself because it reminded me while people may not realize my presence means that I paying attention and absorbing to reflect upon later.

Joining a new team is hard. It has forced me to grow and change my life in drastic ways. I am finally realizing that it is good to make change like that.


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