Learning from the tough stuff

There was an issue within my class that exposed some of my students to something I had never expected. The student who was sharing the content intentionally snuck around multiple staff members who have been in the room at different times. Fortunately I have some students who had the courage to tell me.

The situation was handled by administration and an ongoing healing process began. The feedback from parents, administration and my students has built me up and encouraged me that while I may have heartbreak, I have learned something that no amount of experience or education could prepare me for happening.

As I reflect, I am proud of how I handled it. I don’t know what I could have done different between balancing confidentiality and keeping my students emotionally and physically safe knowing what I knew at the time. I am forever grateful I had this situation in the school I am in rather than somewhere that I would not have had the support team I have right now. Hopefully the next delicate situation I may be involved in, I will have learned and will be able to handle with the knowledge gained from this situation.


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