Relationships in Education

Lately I have been looking at our curriculum and thinking about the curriculum redesign. This curriculum has barely changed since I was the age of my students. It was outdated at that time and very little has done to bring it to the point that it reflects the relevant skills required of our students today. It is focused on facts that are easily found by a quick google search or can be taught through a youtube video. The rate that our students consume content and media leaves the focus on skills and understanding to the side. A timely tweet from George Couros, our district principal, left me thinking about how inquiry and relationships in the classroom has changed the tone of our learning.

So much of the growth and learning in our classroom has come from the fact we trust each other and have built a community of learning, growth and support. We have laid the foundation for us to develop skills and developed a culture of fearless feedback. The relationships we have forged and work to maintain are the ones that move our learning forward. In order to learn, the students must be happy and healthy first. This comes in many ways but for a lot of students, they are with me for the most important hours of their day. It is my job to facilitate their growth as citizens in our society.

My job is not to teach content but create experiences and facilitate opportunities for them. I am there to serve their social-emotional needs as much as I am there to fulfill their educational needs. What’s best for kids needs to be the focus of my decisions as I grow as practitioner. My job is not a job so much as a dedication to making the world a better place for kids.



One thought on “Relationships in Education

  1. Courtney,
    I have spent some time today reading several of your blog posts. I am so moved by the depth of thinking shared in your reflections. Your message about creating a trusting classroom community in order for students to feel able to give and receive “fearless feedback” is important. I am grateful to you for the focus you place on fostering strong learning relationships with our students – so awesome!

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