Lessons from Disneyland

One of my favourite parts of Disneyland is when you pass under this sign to get into the park. It is all about changing your mindset, opening yourself up to the magic, and immersing yourself in your surroundings.


As a huge Disney fan, I’ve always been inspired by the idea of turning my students into imagineers. Disney is more than just a bunch of characters and rides. For me, Disneyland is the living example of what I’d like education to become. Recently I watched the new Tomorrowland movie and it inspired me to strongly consider the entry plaque and what I could do for my students to really immerse them in the skills/competencies and opportunities awarded to them through inquiry.

When talking about the movie, George Clooney explains that Tomorrowland is a “secret society of geniuses… this beautiful, gleaming metropolis. A place where the ideas of science and exploration are able to grow to make the world better.” Why can’t our classrooms become a place where students can explore, create and build their tomorrow? Why can’t they use yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy to inspire innovation in their learning?

Once I started researching, there are many schools and teachers who have taken this route. School should be exciting. You should learn while having fun and have fun while learning. The secret is in the details. By taking that extra time to create the right environment and experiences, anything can happen.


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