What it means to be a part our learning community


In January, I started to see some little issues emerge in the class. We had just started working on our own and instead of having 2 teachers and 44 students, we had 1 teacher and 20 students at the time. There was less supervision and more freedom. After hearing some name calling, we did some kindness activities to confront the things I heard one day. The students responded quite well to this. We each became uncomfortable to become more comfortable together. Together, the kids created a class agreement about what kind of reputation we wanted to make for ourselves and how we wanted our class to run now that we were working together on our own. The kids came up with two pages of what made us a learning community and how they thought about themselves as learners in our class. This agreement has also helped welcome 4 new students into our class this year so they had a sense of who we are and what we do in our class. I am so proud of the kids and ability to create this document. My favourite part is that they titled it “What it means to be a part of Learning Community 5A” instead of something like Class Agreement.


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