This Week At School – Week 2 – 2015-2016

This Week At School – Week 2 – Sept 8 – 11

This week at school, we focused in on our routines and participated in friendship week with our two buddy classes. We won our round of battle of the buddies, which was a great way to end the day on Thursday.  We also had our welcome mass on Friday.

Some key events that happened this week:

Powerful Questions – Students were encouraged to go beyond simple question to ask questions that were On-Topic, Open Ended, Engaging and Respectful. We practiced on a student who had to answer our questions as if he was a famous character.  Next we practiced interviewing a partner.  This is leading up to us developing questions to ask our families about our stories. We will first practice with interviewing myself about my family’s story and how we came to Canada.  We also will be watching an episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” and brainstorming questions that Jim Parsons would have asked to find out about his family history.

Next week, students will be coming home with questions to ask you to find out more about their family history. Students do not need to bring pictures or props with them as they will be telling a story to their group about their findings.

Sketch Notes – This week I introduced the students to the skill of visual note taking using the book “The Day The Crayons Quit”. The goal is is to visually represent what they are hearing in a way that is meaningful to them. They can use colour, pictures, words, ect. I have also shown them my sketchbook from professional development days that is colour coded and includes notes and sketches. The students did an awesome job!

Do We NEED Electricity? – I posed the question to students to see if they thought we needed electricity to survive. The students carefully and politely debated back and forth. They were open to the debate, to being persuaded, with several changing their mind multiple times. I was really excited to hear students remembering using phrases like “I politely disagree” and “to add on to what [student] said”. These phases are incredibly important to lead to conversation and build discussion rather than debate.

Other things of note:

In Language Arts, we will be continuing our read aloud of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to look at various reading strategies. We will also be starting our work on a paragraph about a famous person. We have started gathering information and will be working on organizing our paragraph next week.

In Math, we are continuing number sense and place value. Next week we will be starting our in class problem solving. I am hoping to send home a weekly problem solving journal by the end of the month after modeling to the students how their entries should look.

In Science, we continue our study of electricity – looking at static electricity and talking about the flow of electricity (or current).

Social studies we will be continuing looking at family histories and working on a review of mapping skills and familiarizing ourselves with the provinces. As noted in the Agenda on Thursday, please send in shoe box or other small box for the students to use in making their visual representations of their learning about the provinces.

Religion, we continue to look at gratitude while working with our buddies for friendship week. Next we will be looking at Patience and Self-Control.

Health, we have started talking about Healthy Habits. This discussion will continue as we start to focus in on our brainstorm.

Have an awesome weekend and remember that there is a PD Day the next two Fridays (September 18 and September 25).


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