This Week At School – Week 3 – 2015-2016

This Week At School – Week 3 – Sept 14 – 18

Hello Parents,  

This week was a great week for us.  Here are a few key things for us that happened this week.

Problem Solving – This week we started our daily problem solving journals. Students are given a problem to solve and they have to write a response explaining what they were asked to solve, how they solved the problem and the strategy. They also are to show their work and the answer to the problem. If they complete their response and have the right answer, the students earn a “coffee break” and get the choice to solve the next day’s problem or to have a break and read/draw/finish homework. The students are really excited about problem solving and showing what they know so they can earn a coffee break.

Family histories – Over the past week, students have been practicing creating questions and interviewing people regarding our family histories. We also watched an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, that showed a celebrity learning about their family.  Now it is their turn to find out about their family history. We have decided that we must find out about at least one side of our family as we found out when interview our family. We brainstormed some questions to help us and came up with some unique questions that we were curious about.  I sent home a list of the questions with a letter. If you need another copy, you can find a digital copy here:

With this information we will continue to work with it and develop our family story to share with our peers. I am asking that this information be returned to school by Thursday, September 24, 2015. We will be working with this information throughout the rest of the month. Students do not need to bring pictures or any items as we do not want any precious family heirlooms to be lost or damaged.  

Language Arts – We continued working on our Read Aloud and learned about making connections between the book we are reading and either ourselves, another book or the world. We also worked on picking good fit books for us to read independently and when we go to the library. We had the chance to go to the school library and check out books. We will go every day 4 in the 6 day cycle to check out books, though students have 2 weeks to read the books, at which time they must then be returned or renewed.

Next week we will be starting Genius Hour (or passion projects) which is the students’ opportunity to learn about the things they are passionate about. I will be giving the students a proposal to fill out that walks them through the inquiry process and how they will share their learning. This will tie into Language Arts, Social Studies and often many other aspects of the curriculum for them. I am excited to see the kids’ interests and find out what they are passionate about.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you need to get a hold of me, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or leave a message at the school for me to call after school.


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