This Week At School – Week 4 – 2015-2016

This week at school at School – September 21-24

Hello Parents,

Thank you so much for your support with helping your child gather information about their families. It is wonderful to hear how excited the students are about the people they found out they are related to – from presidents of the united states to toy makers and artists. Once we have finished our paragraph about the person we admire, we are going to start a longer writing piece about the the story of one of our relatives and putting together a book called Stories from Whitecourt. I will be using the story of my Oma, a nurse in Germany, who left with her family during World War II. It is one of my favourite stories from my family and it has influenced. The goal isn’t to have stories of people who necessarily lived in Whitecourt, but rather stories that influence us. Once the book is put together, I will be sending home copies of your child’s story and putting the book in our class library for the kids to read.  If your child has not returned their family history questions and information, please ensure that those are returned this week.

This week we have worked on some really challenging but fun problems that relate to number sense. One was a crossing the river problem related to Star Wars. The students were wondering why I was so excited about the problem that morning and figured it out when I played the lead up video – a Star Wars/Volkswagen clip and then read the problem to them. The kids had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to solve it and we saw some very creative uses of various classroom materials such as a corks and pop tabs from our art supplies bin to act it out. The other problem was a very challenging number grid problem that asked the students to arrange the numbers so that consecutive numbers would not be connected. I was really impressed with the students’ determination and tenacity to solve the problem.

In religion, we started talking about kindness. We watch Kid President’s video about things we should say more often and came up with our own list. We related it back to Jesus asking us to pray for others, love others, and rejoice with those who are rejoicing. The students had some awesome ideas. I apologize I don’t have a picture to send, but I will include one on the next email home.  We will continue to talk about kindness as we look back at the lesson from last year of being a bucket filler.

In science, we have learned a lot about switches and circuits. Next week, I will be posing the challenge to the students to build their own switches using recycled materials. We will continue our exploration of circuits but looking at how we can arrange bulbs and batteries in different ways, as well as experimenting with a few different circuit kits that I have brought in.

We should be wrapping up our first math unit in the next couple weeks and we will be moving on to multiplication and division strategies.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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