“A B.Ed. just isn’t enough anymore”

I had the opportunity to listen to Tim Monds from Parkland School Division and Chris Smeaton from Holy Spirit Catholic School Division talk to a group of teachers at EdCampPSD70. They were talking about how important it is to get out and connect with teachers. My favourite line was that a B.Ed. wasn’t enough anymore as teacher. You cannot live in a bubble inside the 4 walls of your classroom. You need to get our and see other students, talk to other teachers, experience other environments. The most powerful thing you can do is connect with another teacher and share best practices. We need to become a learner ourselves and be willing to make ourselves vulnerable is what I took from both of their talks. I am always still learning as a fairly new teacher but it was a good reminder that you really need to force yourself get out and look for opportunities to learn something new.


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