Knowing your students is more important than knowing the curriculum

The other day I noticed that many of my students were just not having a great day or there had been a few things that were not going well for them for one reason or another. In my pocket was my chalk marker so knowing it would come off the tables and desks, I decided to bring a little cheer to a few of my students by writing a note to them. That soon turned to the whole class after hitting those students who really could use a little extra love and attention.

While they worked, I would pop by their spot and leave a few words. Instantly the mood of the classroom changed. The kids were excited to see what I would write for them. It made them extremely happy. When a few were rubbed off by accident, they were heartbroken. This evening I went and fixed them up and managed to finish the few I didn’t have a chance to finish since I had to stop and get back to teaching the next lesson after snack break.

Something I didn’t think would really be noticed or that would make some of the kids roll their eyes turned into something huge and meaningful for each of the students. It touched my heart to see how happy they were by something so simple.



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