This Week At School – Week 7

Hello Parents!


This week at school we have been quite busy. We have explored a number of new concepts, looked at strategies to support our learning and we have worked on our presentation skills. Students are starting to open up more during class discussions and we are starting to take more risks in our learning.


In math, we have been working on strategies to help us with our multiplication and fact families. We have also started multiplying by multiples of 10. Something the students caught onto very quickly. The students have come up with a number of of different strategies to help them figure out how those tough few facts. I am impressed with well most of our students know their multiplication facts. Those who are needing some practice have really appreciated the different strategies our classmates have shared.  Two of the favourites are drawing an array (with dots or graph paper) or drawing a picture of the groups to help with a visual representation. We have been doing fact checks and using our individual whiteboards – which the students love and helps me quickly identify areas of growth for the students.




In science, we are going to be working on magnetism and conductivity for the next little while. On Thursday October 29,  we will be building our own motorized cars! If you are able to come in during the morning to volunteer and support us in this endeavour, that would be greatly appreciated.




We had a lot of fun swimming on Friday. I forgot how much fun it is to go around the lazy river. The kids and I had a great time and the walk was a great time to chat with our friends as well. We will be going swimming again in the afternoon on Wednesday, October 28.



Progress reports will be coming home on October 26, 2015. They will look a little bit different as we have transitioned to Power School. You will receive an outcome based report for each subject with the assignments and level of achievement as well as a comment page with a Religion comment and any areas of concern. Parent and Teacher interviews will be on October 28 and 29 from 4-7pm. More details will be sent home with how to book at time. Please bring your child with you. I like to make this a showcase of their learning and have them be a part of the conversation with the goal being that they will be leading the conversation next round.


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