This Week At School – Week 8

Hello Parents,


This week at school, we filmed our Do Something video. I have uploaded it as an unlisted video to YouTube so that no one else could see it but I could share the link with you. You can find it here:


We also worked on two digit by two digit multiplication. As students show they understand the concept, they are working on an independent multiplication project call Resort Report. They are designing their own resort proposal and factoring in costs, guests and revenue. Please keep practicing the multiplication facts with your children.


In science, we learned to make our own magnet using electricity, an iron nail and copper wire. Next week we will be building out cars on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 starting at 10:30. If you are available to come in and support us, the help would be gladly appreciated.


We have wrapped up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week as well. We will begin designing our own kingdom as a combined writing, art and mapping skills project.  Our “Person I Admire” paragraph are almost done the editing stages and we will be printing and sending them home hopefully this coming week or next.


We will be starting our Regions of Canada research after halloween. I am excited to get started on this part of our inquiry into the regions. I will be helping the students focus on the inquiry process as well as working with the students to build their research skills.


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