This Week At School – Week 9

This week at school was a week full of tough yet amazing work by the students.

As we begin to wrap up multiplication Resort Report in math, we have started two new projects. The first being the research portion of our inquiry into the Regions of Canada. The students are completing their research Amazing Race style with task cards and reflections to learn important vocabulary, information and learn more about their current region. They will “travel” through each region learning about them to prepare for the process and sharing portions of our inquiry – the ranking of the regions and a socratic circle to decide which region would be the best one to live in.

Our second project that we have started is the culminating project to our read aloud of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The students have been given the task of creating their own fantasy kingdom. This project includes a number of skills across curriculum including mapping skills, writing and planning skills, presentation skills and art skills. The kids are really enjoying the project thus far.

On Friday we had our class mass. The students were rather nervous about it but it was a very lovely time we had to spend together. We will be completing some remembrance day prayers before break and move into our study of the beatitudes when we return.

We are going to continue focusing on social until after the break, at which time we will go back to alternating with Science as we begin our chemistry unit. I am quite excited about the hands on approach using the scientific model to help guide our inquiry.

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Miss Courtney Albrecht

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