This Week At School – November 16 to 27

Hello Parents,


This week at school we have been wrapping up projects so that I can start marking them. Students have finished the first geographical region for the Amazing Race and started on their second regions. The next few regions will not take nearly as long as they are starting to build their understanding and sharing resources that will help each other.


The students have wrapped up their rough drafts of their fantasy kingdom projects. I am very excited to read about their kingdoms, their creatures and see their creativity. Students will be completing their self assessment and reflections on Monday.


I am hoping to start our next read aloud using the various reading strategies with the students to complete a variety of tasks that relate back to the strategies. We will be reading “The One and Only Ivan”. I look forward to seeing their responses. The end goal would be to complete an inquiry project the students design about ethical zoos and animal conservation.


Students have completed their Resort Reports for multiplication. I have given feedback their reflections and/or conferenced with each student regarding their reflections. I will be returning them to the kids to bring home this coming week, with the few exceptions of those who were absent earlier this week. We are currently starting division. I have found that the students have a much stronger understanding of the concept of division as it relates to sharing and sets.


In Science, we are starting our Chemistry unit. We are focusing on safety and the scientific method. Our first topic next week will be Matter. I am looking forward to sharing the 3 states of matter with the kids through a hands on experiment using balloons.


While I was away this week due to illness, the students started a projected called “My Teacher Is Missing”. It is a mixed media project that I am excited to read what the kids made up for the reason I was away, despite knowing where I was.


Upon my return, the students and I had a class meeting regarding how to work with a substitute teacher and how we should be showing respect to guests in our room – EAs, volunteers, guests and subs. We also talked about the importance of having a positive attitude towards our work, trying to figure things out for ourselves and how to push ourselves in our learning so we are taking ownership over finding out the answers to our questions.


Thank you for those that donated to the Christmas Shoeboxes. We gathered enough donations for 5 shoeboxes to be donated from our class.


Just a reminder, we have PD day on Friday, November 27.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


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