This Week At School – Dec 7 to 11

Dear Parents, 

This week at school, we are gearing up to finish a lot of our projects. The students have been working quite hard on their social research. Most students will wrap up their research in January when we return. It is awesome to hear from the kids that they are seeing value in the activities we are learning.
The students are also wrapping up their math division project. This should be completed by mid next week. The kids are quite excited about their theaters.
In LA, we will continue to work on fluency until the break. We are also working on our descriptive details. The students are completing their character trait cards where they are showing instead of telling, and starting on sensory descriptions for a setting frame. I am am seeing a lot of unique descriptions and details.Ms Astill has finished her read aloud with us as well. The kids really enjoyed the book and look forward to the next book that she will be reading to us.
Inline image 5
In Science, we have started talking about ways to identify mixtures and the scientific method. We are focusing on the testable question, hypotheses and observations.
Today we had the chance to participate in the Hour of Code movement. The kids loved learning how the commands work and how your computer is really only as smart as the person telling it what to do. It was really neat to see the kids piece together the commands to make their character move and troubleshoot their problems together. If your child would like to keep learning more, the website is and they can keep exploring.
Please don’t forget to send back their movie order form and money. Please remember it is a $2 donation as entrance to the movie on the 18th in the afternoon.
Week of Festivities (December 14-18)

-Monday (14): PJ Day

-Tuesday (15) Ugly Sweater Day, swimming with 5-2

-Wednesday (16) Christmas Hat Day, Christmas Concert at 6:30 pm. The letter for this went home last week.

-Thursday (17) Candy Cane Day/Wear St. Joe’s clothing and Grad Christmas Supper

-Friday (18) Mass-wear Red and Green, Movie fundraiser in the afternoon, please return snack order form and the $2 donation (or $1 and food bank donation) I have attached another copy if needed. I also have additional copies available in the class.

As always, please contact me if there are any concerns or questions. Have a great weekend!

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