This Week at School – Jan 11 to 15

Hello Parents!
This week, we wrapped up our social studies inquiry research into the regions of Canada by ranking the regions. While we prepare for the socratic circle to decide which region is the best to live in, we will begin out study of the people and history of Canada using various critical challenges. The choice to start a new topic while learning the socratic method came from feedback from students last year that focusing intensely on the socratic method was quite tiring. This allows the student some balance while still learning a new skill and new interest in new material.
In math, we wrapped up our study of fractions by creating fractions and looking at equivalent, fractions and comparing fractions by making our own fractions using clay. We will begin our study of Decimals this coming week.  Movie Madness projects have been returned to all students who have handed them in on time. Students had the chance to speak with me. Division is a challenging topic. While students have shown a fairly good understanding of the concept, there is still some support required with written problems/question. We will continue to work on this skill with our problem solving.
In language arts, we are beginning levelled guided reading groups this coming week. we will also continue working on story elements, and our read aloud of The One and Only Ivan.
In science, we are currently working on making crystals. Each students is making their own salt crystal and as a class, we are trying to make a large sugar crystal, using to sugar solution we created while trying to find the saturation point of water and sugar.
In religion, we have wrapped up the beatitudes study. To celebrate, we are meeting with our grade 8 buddies to play some games. They have been studying the sacraments so they will be sharing their presentations with us when they are done their projects to start our sacraments study.
All marks and comments will be updated by February 3. As a school, we are to give a comment for Religion and Growth as a Learner for each student, plus comments for anyone who has Basic or Limited for any subject.  As the major part of our learning and the most transferable skills have come from our Social inquiry into the regions of Canada, I have also written specific comments for each student regarding their learning in Social Studies as well. As most summative grades are based on large assignments or projects, specific feedback for each student has been written on their self-assessments, reflections and/or rubrics, which have been sent home at the end of each stage of the assignment.
I hope you have had a great weekend.

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