Moving into a new position

Besides my co-workers and a few close friends/family, I have not really told anyone yet about next year. As most know, I was evaluated for my Permanent Teaching Certificate this year. I also was successfully evaluated for a continuous contract this year that I signed based on a new position.  And without much ado, here’s what I am going to be doing next year.

I will be a learning coach and inclusion coordinator for my school. I also get the opportunity to teach grade 5 English to learn the Daily 5 program, teach grade 8/9 French as an option, and my new and exciting challenge of creating an ESL program for our school that is starting with an ESL course for grades 10/11/12. If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is but it is also a large change for me that I am finally excited about since the year is done. I am excited because I get to share my passions and learn new things as I learn and grow as an educator.

So, if you have resources for any of the above, please send them my way!


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