Numeracy: a foundation to learning

Lately, I’ve had a chance to reflect on numeracy as I have been sorting my resources from my studies, teaching and classroom support. I strongly believe that numeracy is an encompassing foundation to learning, much like literacy. Numeracy goes beyond the basics of arithmetic and brings in the ability to acquire, manage, create, connect information that allows one to communicate understanding. Numeracy looks at the multi-facets of knowledge: Facts, Concepts, and Procedures. This brings in the skills and competencies that we, as teachers in Alberta, are mandated to instruct.

With the proper resources, creativity, and focus on inquiry, students are given the opportunity to find value in their learning and apply it to their everyday lives. Students are presented with information that needs to be interpreted and used to help them make sense of the world around them. Their need for numeracy skills evolves over time and build throughout their academic careers.

What does numeracy mean to you?


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