Radio Silence

For the past year, this blog lacked any updates. I have several posts in my drafts that I have started but never felt the need to complete. My twitter account stood barely used except for the occasional #weirdEd chat when I had the time and energy. I was exhausted, I was disheartened, I wanted to leave teaching altogether, and I was ready to quit.

My confidence as a teacher was in shambles. No reference letter, evaluation, letter from a parent or student, or anything else would convince me otherwise. This hurt my soul and made me miserable. It also affected my own personal confidence in my daily life. What I needed was to go back to the classroom and start from the beginning.  Go back to my roots and do the thing I loved doing – helping kids find the joy in school.

I am happy to say that the rest of my year was fantastic and the 6 months I spent as the “replacement” teacher was precisely what I needed. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about the first day of school. That’s a pretty big thing for someone who did not enjoy school, who learned how to play the game of school without really internalizing the learning that should have been happening, and who avoided the place as much as possible.

I can’t promise regular updates but it can’t be as bad as it was.


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