• Teachers establish and maintain partnerships among school, home and community, and within their own schools
  • Teachers engage in activities that contribute to the quality of the school as a learning environment. They work with others to develop, coordinate and implement programs and activities that characterize effective schools. They teacher also work cooperatively with school councils.
  • Teachers strive to involve parents in their children’s schooling. Partnerships with the home are characterized by the candid sharing of information and ideas to influence how teachers and parents, independently andcooperatively, contribute to students’ learning.
  • Teachers seek out and incorporate community resources into their instruction and encourage students to use home and community resources in their learning. Teachers make connections between school, home and community in order to enhance the relevance and meaning of learning. Home and community resources are utilized to make learning meaningful and relevant, and so students can gain an increased understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to participate in and contribute positively to society.

Evidence in Practice