• The teachers’ application of pedagogical knowledge, skills and attributes is based on their ongoing analysis ofcontextual variables.
  • Teachers’ analysis of contextual variables underlies their reasoned judgments and decisions about whichspecific pedagogical skills and abilities to apply in order that students can achieve optimum learning. 
  • Teachers understand the legislated, moral and ethical frameworks within which they work.
  • Teachers function within a policy-based and results orientated education system authorized under the School Act and other legislation.
  • Teachers also function within policy frameworks established by school authorities.
  • A commitment to teaching practices that meet their school authority’steaching quality standard (s); and that teachers engage in ongoing, individualized professional development.
  • Teachers recognize they are bound by standards of conduct expected of a caring, knowledgeable and reasonable adult who is entrusted with the custody, care or education of students or children. Teachers recognize their actions are bound in moral, ethical and legal considerations regarding their obligations to students, parents, administrators, school authorities, communities and society at large. Teachers acknowledge these obligations and act accordingly.

Evidence in Practice

Alberta Education Legislation and Regulation

Alberta Teaching Quality Standards (professional practice standards)

Ministerial Order on Student Learning

EPSB Strategic Plan

EPSB Policies

These are just some of the policies, regulations, standards and documents regularly used to inform my practice outside of the curriculum.