1.1 – Models Faith

1.1 The Teacher of Catholic education models faith through actions within and outside the school;

  • Celebrates the partnership of the school with home, Church and society.
  • Demonstrates a Christ-like attitude toward students, staff, parents, and the public.
  • Exhibits fairness, honesty, understanding, tolerance and mutual respect.
  • Supports action for social justice.
  • Promotes gospel values and lives in accordance with the expectations of the Catholic Church.
  • Participates in faith development activities. eg.) sharing the faith, Division PD, and ½ credit courses


Through out this year, I have shown this by:

  • Participating in a self-directed devotional study each morning.
  • Participating in a Church led book study weekly.
  • Helping facilitate student led Friday reflections.
  • Class meetings opened with a reflection and closed with a prayer.
  • Creating engaging and active learning lessons for students to share with their class, school and community. Ex: – Do Something Video  – Sacraments Inquiry project
    – Reflections, discussions and debates on Lent, Advent and lessons  – Gratitude Cards  – Things we should say more often posters  – Random acts of kindness
  • Engaging in Current Events while talking about Social Justice such as Prayers for Peace, Community Awareness activities, and  Welcome to Refugees letters
  • Attending Monday morning reflections and reading reflection.
  • Participation in Advent Mass planning
  • Having students take ownership over planning of Class Mass

Relevant Files, Photos and Links

Faith Testimonial             Footprint Poem for Morning Reflection

Do Something Video  – Teacher Reflection


“I am Thankful for…” Gratitude Tree – Thanksgiving