3.1 Classroom Environment

3.1 The teacher organizes the classroom to promote learning by creating an atmosphere and physical setting that are conducive to learning.

  • Responds positively to students.
  • Demonstrates understanding, empathy, patience and tolerance.
  • Makes an effort to know and treat each student as an individual.
  • Demonstrates and promotes care for physical facilities, equipment and instructional materials.
  • Evidence of current learning
  • Classroom setup is conducive to lesson design

Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Classroom Meetings
  • Co-creating classroom expectations
  • Creating Classroom Tribes to take on classroom responsibilities
  • Conferencing with students
  • Creating and purchasing classroom materials for students
  • Student work displayed
  • Flexible layout for classroom
  • Soft classroom
  • Promoting classroom ownership for students
  • Positive reward systems for students
  • “I Can…” statements on whiteboard
  • Personalized positive notes/ comments on students desks


Relevant Photos and Links


Classroom layout examples – gives options to students for their own learning needs. Flexible to move for activities and assignments. Promotes collaboration and sharing.



Example of note left for a student  on their desk