3.2 Managing classroom environment

3.2  The teacher manages the classroom environment in a considerate manner.

  • Communicates clear expectations, such as respect for the rights, opinions, property and contribution of others.
  • Uses strategies to maintain on-task student behavior.
  • Manages discipline in accordance with policies, regulations and legal requirements.
  • Promotes the development of self-control and social responsibility.
  • Establishes systematic, effective procedural class routines.


Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Classroom Meetings
  • Co-creating classroom expectations
  • Creating Classroom Tribes to take on classroom responsibilities
  • Conferencing with students
  • Creating and purchasing classroom materials for students
  • Promoting classroom ownership for students
  • Positive reward systems for students
  • Personalized comments on students desks
  • Establishing a “I need a break” system with students needed
  • Fidgets and headphones available as needed
  • Silent/gestures for reminders for students
  • Daily plans on the board for students
  • Monthly important notes