6.1  The teacher promotes a sense of community within the school.

  • Communicates with students and parents in a proficient and caring manner;
  • Respects each member of the school community;
  • Promotes a positive perception of the school in the community; and
  • Communicates and works collaboratively with all staff members.
  • Works professionally to resolve issues.

6.2  The teacher demonstrates professional conduct.

  • Adheres to the Code of Conduct of Division and the expectations of Catholic Schools.
  • Adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct as set out by the Alberta Teacher’s Association; and
  • Strives to incorporate the Catholic Church’s understanding of the teaching profession.

6.3  The teacher participates in professional activities.

  • Demonstrates commitment by participation in professional activities (e.g., professional organizations, course work, workshops, conferences); school based team learning
  • Takes advantage of opportunities to learn from colleagues, students,  parents, and community; and implements into practice.
  • Keeps abreast of developments in subject matter and issues related to teaching.

6.4   The teacher follows policies and procedures of the division.

  • Strives to stay informed and apply policies and regulations applicable to the teacher’s position.
  • Selects appropriate channels for resolving concerns/problems.
  • Maintains accurate records and reports in accordance with requirements.
  • Carries out those duties that are assigned to the teacher by the principal (School Act, 18, (g)), subject to any applicable collective agreement and the teachers’ contract of employment.