6.1 – Promotes Community Within School

6.1  The teacher promotes a sense of community within the school.

  • Communicates with students and parents in a proficient and caring manner;
  • Respects each member of the school community;
  • Promotes a positive perception of the school in the community; and
  • Communicates and works collaboratively with all staff members.
  • Works professionally to resolve issues.

Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Invitation for Ms. Astill to read to class regularly
  • Co-creation of behaviour plan for student
  • Co-lead Running Club with Ms. Barrett
  • Connecting with other classes for various activities
  • School yard clean up prior to snowfall
  • Sharing best practices with staff
  • Collaboration for planning with Grade team
  • Invitation for Grade 8s to teach grade 5s introduction to measurement
  • Buddy Group activities
  • Working with grade 4s on special events and activities.
  • Speaking with others to build consensus
  • Support for Jr. Boys B team (baskeball)
  • Staying for sports, remind invitation to parents for sports