6.2 – Professional Conduct

6.2  The teacher demonstrates professional conduct.

  • Adheres to the Code of Conduct of Division and the expectations of Catholic Schools.
  • Adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct as set out by the Alberta Teacher’s Association; and
  • Strives to incorporate the Catholic Church’s understanding of the teaching profession.


Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Participation in PD sessions
  • Awareness and implementation of KSAs into professional practice
  • Reference to school and district handbook, contract, information and websites
  • Speaking with teachers and/or admin regarding concerns
  • Parent Meetings to develop strategies and plans for students
  • Auditing CHRTC classes and referring to books to support teaching practices related the Catholic faith:
    • CHRTC 250 – The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher
    • CHRTC 380 – Christian Religious Education and the Child


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