6.4 – Following Policy and Procedure

6.4   The teacher follows policies and procedures of the division.

  • Strives to stay informed and apply policies and regulations applicable to the teacher’s position.
  • Selects appropriate channels for resolving concerns/problems.
  • Maintains accurate records and reports in accordance with requirements.
  • Carries out those duties that are assigned to the teacher by the principal (School Act, 18, (g)), subject to any applicable collective agreement and the teachers’ contract of employment.


Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Personal and professional reflection for growth
  • Treating other teachers, staff and parents with courtesy and fairness
  • Awareness and implementation of KSAs into professional practice – See categories for blog.
  • Speaking with teachers regarding any concerns
  • Awareness of contract, school act and KSAs
  • Creation of Duo-Tang for all forms and procedures