4.1 Lesson Implementation

4.1 The teacher implements an effective lesson.

  • Makes learning outcome obvious to learner.
  • Utilizes effective summary techniques.
  • Utilizes smooth and efficient transitions between instructional activities;
  • Makes sure that assignments are clear.
  • Integrates available media and technology to enhance learning.
  • Incorporates a variety of strategies to present a concept or learner outcome.
  • Demonstrates an understanding and awareness of diverse needs of students and plans according to student learning style, and needs.
  • Prepares and implements resources and supports that address needs of all students (universal, targeted and special supports)


Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Outcomes relating to the task on task sheet
  • “I Can…” statements on the board
  • Review via Anchor Chart creation
  • Creation of unit workbooks to help guide instruction based on curricular outcomes
  • Performance tasks
  • Cross-curricular Projects
  • Use of the Inquiry wheel throughout projects
  • Creation of a book club, guided reading, read aloud and assessment based on curricular outcomes and grade team expectations
  • Creation of guided tasks with assessment for students to create work
  • Use of ChromeBooks and SMARTboard
  • Differentiation for various levels such as different products for work, small group instruction and various tools as needed
  • Feedback
  • Reflections
  • Sharing work with the school, twitter and other schools
  • Use of the Inquiry Wheel
  • Answering “What’s the point?” questions
  • Student “Today I Learned…” tweets
  • “What stuck with me” exit slips
  • Chalk Talks
  • Exploration of student questions such as “What does it mean to be a citizen?”,  “how can we be safe online?”, “Why should people vote?”
  • Q-Focus
  • Visible thinking strategies
  • Creating a restaurant for French 7 to teach French 5
  • Current event exploration via student interest
  • Genius Hour/Passion Projects
  • Levelled Book clubs created with the students
  • Student Vote
  • This Week At School reflections from students and teacher