4.2 – Questioning

4.2   The teacher uses effective questioning techniques.

  • Structures questions to stimulate learning (i.e., pauses, focuses, adjusts, rephrases, orders, etc.)
  • Poses questions clearly for the level of the student.
  • Involves all students in questioning.
  • Elicits and responds to student questions and responses in a manner that reinforces  learning.
  • Uses questions to promote critical and creative thinking skills.


Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Q-Focus thinking strategy to introduce topics
  • Student development of questions for inquiry
  • Class discussions led by questions
  • Design thinking  process to get students thinking of questions, ideas, ect.
  • Use of guiding questions of units, activities and inquiry
  • Rapid Fire questions in a Think, Pair, Share with a recorder
  • Individual, small group and large group brainstorming
  • Creation of critical challenges for Math, Social and Science based on guiding question