4.4 Treats students with dignity & respect

4.4  The teacher treats students with dignity and respect.

  • Models a sense of social justice.
  • Is available to all students.
  • Uses discretion in situations relating to student confidentiality.

Throughout this year, I have shown this by:

  • Classroom meetings
  • Conferencing
  • Teacher sign up lists for feedback
  • Private pull-outs
  • Notes on desk
  • Teaching student feedback and the language of feedback
  • Socratic Circle – Teaching language to promote conversation rather than debate
  • Modeling respectful language though activities like Socratic Circle, Sharing Circle, ect.
  • Creating a culture of discussion to work towards consensus to solve issues
  • Creation of “What it Means to Be a Part of 5-3”
  • C0-create Guided Reading expectations
  • Notes/forms sent home in envelopes in case lost


Note from a student about how I treat my students and create a culture of respect