Innovate West – Reflection

One thing that really stuck with me from this weekend was that as teachers, we really need to reflect on how attending PD sessions is going to make an impact on our practice.

If I had to take 3 things away from this weekend, they would be that:

1) Your biggest resource is the people in your school. Chances are they at least have some feedback for you.
2) Be transparent with the learning your students are doing. They should know why? If not, they should be comfortable to ask why they are learning something. They should know the language you are using in the task. They should be able to explain what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will show their learning.
3) Feedback and Reflection are often the most valuable parts of a task.

These are 3 things I can start Monday morning. The rest will be a slower process as I am developing my own skills and building the relationships with my students. My classroom won’t look like it is from Connect Charter over night, or even by the end of the year as it is a journey but it is a journey my whole school is taking.