Demonstrates an understanding of the importance of ongoing formative assessment and provides students with opportunities to improve their work based on feedback. The teacher includes a variety of formative and summative assessments.

Some examples of how I have demonstrated this throughout my career are:

  • Providing numerous feedback loops
  • Comment-only marking
  • Rubrics aligned with skills and outcomes
  • Areas of Strength, Areas of Growth and Strategies for Growth based on skills not the task for provided for each task. Also recorded in my grade book.
  • Individualized comments on report cards
  • Formative Assessment for learning
  • Conferencing with students on their summative assessments
  • Creating and planning regular activities for learning and assessment
  • Creating and adapting critical challenges for student engagements
  • Using inquiry process that leads to feedback and reflection through out the process to lead to continuous growth.
  • Multi-step assignments that allow for students to modify and build upon their knowledge and understanding
  • Assignments designed to be as challenging or as simplified as students want/need
  • Formative, hands on assignments designed to lead to summative projects
  • Feedback and reflections given with area of strength, area of growth and strategies for improvement – personalized to each student’s instructional levels.
  • Leveled groupings for stations for learning


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