Building Community

Demonstrates positive citizenship and recognizes the individual needs of students and their families. Teacher establishes appropriate, effective and pro-active strategies to foster safe and engaging learning communities inside and outside of the classroom.

Some examples of how I have demonstrated this throughout my career are:

  • Term 1 reflections included 3 ways my teacher can support me
  • 5A class meetings
  • Team Building activities
  • Peer feedback
  • Design thinking on how to make this the Best Year Ever
  • Class Jobs based on things the students though needed to be done
  • Class community activities – Cst Lucas’ movember campaign, “What does it mean to be a citizen?”, Student Vote, Kindness activities
  • Term 2 video reflection created with students together
  • Creating a class agreement
  • Changing our classroom based on the need for a community
  • Reviewing our expectations of each other
  • Creating Classroom Tribes to take on classroom responsibilities
  • Conferencing with students
  • Students creating  classroom materials based on their needs
  • Student work displayed
  • Flexible layout for classroom
  • Soft classroom designed for gathering and sharing
  • Promoting classroom ownership for students
  • Personalized positive notes/ comments on students desks
  • Co-creating classroom expectations


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