Demonstrates a collaborative approach to create long and short range plans to provide students with meaningful instruction that is appropriate for grade level and the program of studies. Teacher shows evidence of cross-curricular integration, plans for assessment, and is willing to modify plans if necessary.

Some examples of how I have demonstrated this throughout my career are:

  • Inquiry projects with use of Inquiry Wheel
  • Collaborative planing
  • Cross-curricular integration into performance tasks
  • Use of student work, reflection and feedback to guide planning
  • Student feedback to create cross-curricular inquiry projects
  • Use of Critical Challenges in Social Studies
  • Collaborative planning with grade level team at school and teachers in other districts
  • Maintaining shared Google Drive with resources for activities
  • Adjustments and differentiation based on student needs
  • Learning strategies for individual students based on observations
  • Creation of interactive student workbooks to help guide instruction while still maintaining ability to create projects and active learning lessons


Blog posts categorized as Planning


Example of Sub Plan            Example of Lesson Plan        Example of Collaborative Planning

Example of Year Plan          Example of Inquiry Project Checklist as made by students

Example of Week/Day Plans


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